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My name is Mom, the Fonz. .

Monday, March 21, 2005

I got my girls here

I call my two daughters my bookends. Kathy was my first and then I had my three boys then came Kristine.
I could call them the "Fonz Sandwich", but bookends sound so much better.

I took Shea Victoria Secret while the others went to the other stores. Shea was walking around with her hand over her eyes. She said "Grandma why did you take me in this store?"

I told her that some day she would wear a bra too.

She looked at me with this look on her face and she said, "No I won't. I will take it off!"

My grandbabies are the most well behaved children. They didn't ask for much. I don't have any quarters left, but I didn't have to buy them each a car.

Their Paw-paw, my ex-husband, came by today. That was interesting. We got along okay. I only had to put him in a headlock a couple of times so it was a good visit. I had to bite my tongue a few times, but I behaved. The gun stayed under my pillow the whole time.

We are having fun. I convinced Kristine to stay another night (sorry Shaun, you can't have her back so soon) We are waiting for Kathy to come over so we can laugh for a couple of hours. I would turn on the web cam so you all could join in on the fun, but our hair is up in pony tails and we are wearing our sweats.

Gotta go. Love you all.


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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Not always a country girl....

So sorry I haven't blogged for awhile, but here it goes...

I wasn't always a country girl I was born and raised in Oakland,Ca. I Moved to the mountains when I was around 25 and not much to do there except go hunting and fishing.

Me and my 357 had a lot of fun out in dem dare woods I could hit a flea off a rats ass with that baby...I didn't always bring her with me I would get my 22 rifle and go out squirrel hunting and get my limit most of the time, only 2 squirrels were the limits then. I didn't like using a shotgun it tore em up to bad. I would skin 'em, gut 'em,bring 'em home and fry 'em for dinner.

Inever did tell kris what they were. I just told her that they were chicken. That worked for awhile, but one day she said, "mom how come the chicken has 4 legs?"
I just smiled and would say "that one is special just for you."

That's it for now my brain is fading.

I want to thank all of you for your support. Don't give up on me yet. I know I can come up with better stories for you... I'm new at this and really do love reading all of your blogs...

Love Mom

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Monday, March 14, 2005

I am The Fonz

This blog is set up for my mom so she can post comments on your blogs.
I am hoping that with enough pleading she will get off my damn comment pages and write in her own blog!

So here's your job:

  • Leave her a comment here, my blog & my sister's blog, she's a attention whore and will comment back.
  • ask her to tell her story. You'll love it! I lived it and I have no complaints...well, some, but I told my therapist I wouldn't talk about them anymore in a public forum. j/k.
  • Show this woman some love, she needs it.

Thanks everyone!

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