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My name is Mom, the Fonz. .

Thursday, September 22, 2005

No Porn Here!

No Porn Here!, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

Ugh! Raiders Lost Again
Sorry about the porn I forgot to put my football on.... Sorry Sisters I sure didn't want you to have nightmares over my Coochie showing '-)... And I'm still in a funk mode....

'Die Hard Raider Fan'

link | posted by The Fonz at 12:10 PM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ugh! Raiders Lost Again

Ugh! Raiders Lost Again, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

I've been in a funk mode lately sorry I Just can't get out of it, And My Raiders. Sheeesh! Oh Well I love them anyways I'm a Die Hard Raider Fan...

link | posted by The Fonz at 9:40 AM

Friday, September 09, 2005

me in raiders hat

me in raiders hat, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

link | posted by The Fonz at 11:29 AM

Jim Otto

Jim Otto, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

One of my favorite player
At the time....

link | posted by The Fonz at 11:28 AM

Raiders Book

Raiders Book, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

I Bet no one has this? I had to go digging in the cedar chest to find it. It belonged to My parents, they got it when they saw the Raiders & Kansas city chiefs Play.. septemeber 18 1966

link | posted by The Fonz at 11:15 AM

Monday, September 05, 2005


Sept305 MyFans, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

Sheeesh! I just couldn't get away from all my Fans.. I did hide from a few of them but these just wouldn't leave me alone...

link | posted by The Fonz at 6:31 PM

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