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My name is Mom, the Fonz. .

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Car trouble no more

Nov 19h 05, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

Finally got the "Exploder" fixed. It had been dead in the driveway for about 2 weeks. Started out by not starting one morning after it had started ok a couple times. I had to go back home for something and then when I went to go back out, it wouldn't start. My daughter-in-law decided it must be the battery and cables since they both looked really corroded. My son came over to help Kevin with putting in the new battery, he also brought his 2 best buddies, Mike and Jeff. It was pretty comical to watch all 4 of them trying to work on my vehicle. There were a few beers consumed by these "mechanics" so they had to call it quits when it started to get dark and cold.

It was the starter that was the problem to begin with but I needed a new battery anyway since the other was 5 years old.

The expense was not too bad considering all the professional help that I got.
I had a Ortho-tech, logger, Beeman and a construction worker giving it all they had to get me back on the road again. Now I just gotta figure out where I want to go.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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Blogger dashababy commented at 10:20 PM~  

I thought it was cute because Jeff admitted to knowing nothing about how to work on cars. But they did it that the main point.
They love you.

Blogger The Fonz commented at 7:59 AM~  

I Know and I love them with all my heart!

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 3:42 PM~  

Jeff doesn't know anything about cars? What? all these years I thought he was a beer drinking car fixer. He's like one step away from being a metrosexual.

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