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My name is Mom, the Fonz. .

Friday, November 25, 2005


, originally uploaded by MomTheFonz.

Here is the table set for 10. It was spent with family and friends in this beautiful home. It was nice to not have to cook for a change.
The house is so big I got lost going to bathroom and then I couldn't figure out how to flush there new-fangled toilet. The home was just built and they have all the new modern type fixtures. There is a courtyard with a balcony. It has a castle theme to it, so it was fun to visit there.
Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. Thank you to all the nice people that visit my little ol' blog and are nice enough to leave me comments, you know who you are. You are all so funny and I do enjoy reading your comments even tho I don't leave comments on a regular basis on yours. I will try harder but don't make fun of my spellin'.

link | posted by The Fonz at 4:34 PM


Blogger Pissy Britches commented at 6:45 PM~  

We love you Fonz.
I have missed your bloggin ass.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Blogger The Fonz commented at 7:37 PM~  

Opppppps! I Mean Kristine...

Blogger The Fonz commented at 7:41 PM~  

This comment was supposta come first...because I did it again I spelled Krintine name wrong.. Thank You pissy!
Its all true what Kristine saids about you. You are one sweet Pissy...

Blogger dashababy commented at 6:12 AM~  

Such a pretty table.
I did miss the tv trays this year.

Blogger Kami commented at 7:44 AM~  

Ooooh, swanky!

Blogger judypatooote commented at 10:16 AM~  

Pretty fancy smancy! all that matters is, was the turkey good.....and you didn't have to cook.....My daughter Lori always used the china dishes and it looked really cool like that.... but Linda used real chinet (paper)plates.... and we had one bird done in the turkey fryer....so that doesn't sound like real china material, does it....

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