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My name is Mom, the Fonz. .

Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Years' everybody!

I don't know what you're gonna do tomorrow night, but I'm gonna stay home and be safe. I've had my share of New years' eve parties to remember, one I'll never forget but that's a story for another day, maybe.
It's been over 20 years since I've drank and I don't miss it a bit. Now I can remember them only a little better since the memory is fading from getting old but at least I don't get the hangover.
Our tradition for the past few years is to have a crab feast, watch the ball drop and go to bed wishing I hadn't ate so much crab and butter, listening to my arteries hardening with gunshots and fireworks in the distance..... somebody always has to shoot off a gun. We used to do that when we lived in the mountains but not here in the neighborhood. That would just be tacky. Besides that they'd probably catch me, handcuff me and throw me in the pokey.
Bein' the Fonz I have to be cool. Heyyyyyy.

Have a Happy Happy New Year!

link | posted by The Fonz at 8:42 PM


Blogger Hippo commented at 10:21 AM~  

Well Momma Fonz, another year passes, another, what is it now 38-years since you left my at the "Park" in Compton. As I said before I did well for myself and I've always understood that you had a large brood and is was wise to send the most self-sufficient on his own to save the rest! And worth saving they were indeed!

Wishing you and Kujo the very best this coming year!

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 6:37 PM~  

you said pokey. lol.

Blogger little sister commented at 4:49 AM~  

happy new year, Fonz!!!!

It was a quiet one here, too, except for watching Kill Bill with Mr. Wonderful and my Dutch brother ;-)

lol @ 'pokey'

Blogger Hippo commented at 4:24 PM~  

Momma Fonz,

A few questions if you please:

1) Does you house have gas or oil heat.

2) Does it have central Air

3) Is it true, as described on Ebay, that you will move out in 15-days from Highest bid and that Kujo the dog comes with the House?

SeeYa in Cali...Now that you'll soon be movin' in with Dashababy you can help her with the nightly dishes!

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Blogger Hippo commented at 1:10 PM~  

Guess What! Its halfway into the first Month of 2006. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Dr. H.O. POtamus

Blogger Random and Odd commented at 11:43 AM~  

Whap Hippo is trying to say, "UP-FUCKING-DATE"

Blogger Hippo commented at 5:12 PM~  

I heard ya went non-smokin' gamblin'. All I have to say is..DONT LOSE THE HOUSE!

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Blogger Hippo commented at 6:18 PM~  

Pssst, hey, ...Hey....HEY....Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Your daughters pushin' for 100 comments so I thought I'd help you get to 10!

Happy number 8!

Dr. H.O. Potamus - Numerologist

Blogger Hippo commented at 9:40 PM~  

9...the ole niner. Ok, I'm here for more than that. Lets see, you have 3 bloggers in your family.

All females, no sweat, no problem, but I think it would be way-cool, most-best to get the son's, the males perspective via blog.

My guess is that all your sons know about the blogging but just don't want to blog. Yet we need their view. I say, have kristine start you another blog, called say, "Dash & Rao's Bro's" and you can write the blog in their voice.

Oh yeah...time for another drink.

I hope you get to 10. I'm done...you've gotta work for that last comment!

Dr. H.O. Potamus-The Lost Son

Blogger Memphis Steve commented at 10:00 AM~  

Where have you gone to?

Blogger Hippo commented at 4:49 AM~  

Heyyyyyyyyyy *both thumbs raised*

10 comments Momma Fonz....Ten big ones...now Eleven...

Reason to go in the backyard and fire the Czech Kalisnikov into the air!

Heyyyyyyyyyy *both thumbs raised*

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Blogger Hippo commented at 7:30 PM~  


Just popped in to say

Heyyyyyyyyyy *both thumbs raised*

Dr H.O. Potamus

PS-I love the minimalism, every time I read and re-read this post different meanings come to me. Its like poetry!

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